10 Things Recruiters Wish You Knew

It’s truth bomb time. Our recruiters are spilling everything they wish you knew. Whether you’re a candidate, client, or friend, this is one juicy feature you don’t want to miss!

“My work is never done… it follows me. Sometimes I dream that I am making phone calls. Or sometimes I dream that I am whatever job title I was recruiting on that day. Those are fun dreams… sometimes!” – Jessica Sems

“We truly want the best for the candidate AND the client. When we talk about compensation, we want the candidate to get the highest possible salary within the range that the client allows. It’s a tough balance because you have to make sure it is within the range that the client wants to pay and what the candidate is worth.” – Krista Portolesi

“I am human. After spending a month or more getting to know you and sharing your victories as you move through the interviewing process, having to make the phone call to you that you weren’t the final, successful candidate is hard. I hear your disappointment and my heart cries with yours – you just don’t know it. – Dana Belstler

“It’s not about throwing individuals at jobs, it’s about building relationships and yes, some friendships. Like finding someone who shares the love of smoking meat as one of their favorite pastimes. Gotta love those 3,2,1 smoked baby back ribs!” – Dallas Williams

“I wish that every one of our readers knew that what a recruiter does affects multiple lives on a daily basis – and good communication between all the players is imperative in order to affect those lives in a positive way. With the skill of communication, fear of not knowing plays a bigger role than the excitement of the new adventure.” – Mike Muglia

“My job is the art of contagion. I learn all I can about a community, the organization and it’s culture, and I try to ‘infect’ the candidate with the contagion for the mission, the people, and the love of the community. This ‘fit factor’ is what creates long term solutions for clients, who I now call friends.” – Tracey Smith

“How big of an impact cultural fit can make. How even if the candidate is perfect on paper, if the client can’t relate to that person, it can be a deal breaker. Also how clients are willing to train and develop “underqualified” candidates based on them being a great cultural fit.” – Alex Price

“I just read a great article about the new Apple headquarters building and how it came to be what it is. It started out as a shape like those fidget spinners that kids have now and as they were working through the details, they realized that shape didn’t work and it morphed over time to a few different shapes to eventually become the ring that it is today.  From a recruiting standpoint, we are asked to find a square peg to fit in a square hole and we are looking through all the shapes trying to find the one that fits. I see it similar to the “Apple problem.” We start out needing to find the person that fits a certain shape and often times it morphs and grows into something completely different.  As we’re recruiting and as the hiring manager is seeing resumes and talking to candidates, it makes them think of other things they haven’t considered before. This is why it is essential that we use an agile recruiting method to change aspects of our recruiting efforts throughout the process to make sure we capture the right talent. I wish both candidates and clients understood this is what we do. This is part of what makes me love what I do, that it can shift at a moment’s notice!” – Tracy Isakson

“I would have to say I wish people understood that not all recruiters are alike. Some of us work hard to make sure the candidate is not just a fit for a role on paper, but also a great fit within the organization.” – Kathryn Thayer

“When I get a hire, I am truly just as excited, if not more, than the candidate. It’s really rewarding to know that you helped someone land their dream job.” – Krista Portolesi

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