How Recruiters Add to the Bottom Line

Our VIC Regional Manager, Trent Turvey told us of this excellent blog written by his former boss, Juliet Turpin. Juliet is the Regional Vice President at Randstad Canada and is most definitely worth a follow! Here’s a share from her blog back in January:

For employers who plan for growth, perfecting the candidate experience is key.

The right employee for our clients can BE the essential difference between making or breaking a deadline; or the difference between innovating a magnificent new way of doing things versus struggling to make budget. The right job for a candidate can make the difference between living a purpose driven life and simply earning a pay cheque.

Our candidates’ primary concern these days is obsolescence and for our clients’ it’s turnover. With technology and business churning so quickly, our task is to help candidates and clients stay on top of market trends by providing salient and timely market information and great career opportunities. It’s more important than ever for our recruiters and employers to build deep, intuitive and symbiotic relationships with their candidates and clients. This is to say, that we must be true career counselors and trusted advisers for our customers; independent of which side of the desk they sit on!

One of the most unique things about working in this industry is the fact that we get to change lives by making great sales! The connections that are developed move beyond the typical recruiter/candidate relationship. Each role we fill means a true life change for the recruiter as well as each of the candidates we work with and the clients who employ them.

By offering an informed, enjoyable and valuable experience where candidates and clients feel informed and helped every step of the way; we directly impact the Bottom Line every day.

Hear hear Juliet!